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Hi I'm Charlotte,

As a strategy consultant who specialises in Digital Transformation, I’ve helped dozens of manufacturing, industrial and other industry-leading organisations strategically adopt emerging technologies.

After partnering with technology providers on delivering their digital transformation services, I see one challenge come up again and again: they’re stuck selling products rather than digital transformation services.

That’s where I come in. I help technology providers shift away from a product mindset and to a strategic, consultative-led way of thinking so that they can be competitive in the current marketplace.

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I used the data from my clients’ experiences to create a step-by-step method to help the leaders of Digital Transformation teams to scale effectively and efficiently. 

Now, I’m ready to show you how you can develop your team and improve your employee experience, all while creating & maintaining an award-winning team. 

Are you ready to master Digital Transformation Advisory, and be recognised as an industry leader in delivering high-impact digital transformation projects?

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