Here's what I know about you

  • You’re a super smart, technically talented person but the business side of things really isn’t really your thing
  • You can talk for days about new tech, but get cold shivers when it comes to the thought of selling it
  • You know your tech solution is really good and can make a massive difference, but still fear the dreaded business case ROI questions
  • You wanna make a bigger impact with your business but don’t know how
  • You’d love to have a dedicated sales advisory team on hand to support you, but you just don’t have the budget for that right, it’s all on you.

Did I get it right? 

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Oh yeah, this is an about me page...

Hi, I’m Charlotte,

I teach technology solution providers the profitable action steps for engaging with business leaders, so that they can successfully supply their solutions and compete with the major industry players. 

I currently work 1-2-1 with a select number of larger technology providers to support their business advisory efforts, while providing accessible, online training course options to up-skill smaller emerging technology providers.

Each week I create free videos released on my LinkedIn channel to help you gain the business consulting, strategy and sales advisory skills you need to develop and grow your emerging technology business. 

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Here's the official bio

Charlotte is an award-winning digital transformation consultant. She delivers tailored advice to assist her clients in successfully adopting new technologies to digitally transform their businesses. Charlotte specialises in applying the same customer-centric / design-led approaches applied by the world's leading companies to help clients achieve growth and productivity increases, focusing in particular on experience transformation and the adoption of data & AI, and IoT technologies.

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