Most companies think sustainable growth is about connecting vision & strategy with the right implementation team.


What I’ve learned is that it’s actually about creating & developing the perfect, highly-skilled digital transformation team for your company.

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Here's What I know About You:

  • You’re ready to build your team to become an industry leader for digital transformation
  • One that will positively shift the industry and create waves in the next era of digital transformation.
  • But the truth is, it feels like you can’t scale quickly enough for the internal demands placed on you.

Does this sound like you so far?

Here’s what else I know about you:

  • You’re highly qualified, and your company is poised to make a real difference.
  • You feel like it’s a race against the clock to scale your team, but the hiring-training-scaling cycle never seems to end.
  • You desire to get the right talent in place and train them both thoroughly and quickly so that you can make the impact you know you’re capable of.
  • You want to be seen as an industry leader in advising and delivering digital transformation
  • You’re ready to put a strategy in place to develop your people and deliver digital transformation projects that put you, your team, & your company on the map.

If you’re nodding your head as you read this, then here are 2 ways to jump-start your progress right now:

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Allow me to introduce myself.

Hi, i'm Charlotte & I get it...


I’ve spent my career as an independent and corporate Management Strategy Consultant. I specialise in Digital Transformation. This means that I’ve gotten to work with some incredible organisations as they strategically adopt emerging technologies. 

It also means that I’ve gotten to help them leverage the latest technologies to transform their businesses. 

How, you ask?


  • Leveraging data to gain a deep understanding of their operations
  • Using that understanding to make shifts in operational efficiencies to drive revenue
  • Adopting next-generation technology such as AI & IoT to fundamentally transform their organizations

What I’ve learned, and what I can teach you, is how to educate your team to successfully advise and deliver digital transformation projects that scale.

Because educated, empowered employees create impressive growth, have low turnover, and create enviable, sustainable growth for your company.

It starts with you.

I'm ready to master digital transformation

"What about your credentials?"


I have the experience and results to help you grow a Digital Transformation team that impacts your organisation’s bottom line. -

I have a Master’s degree in International Business and over a decade of real-world practical organisation experience. 

Before taking on digital transformation consulting privately, I worked with leading providers of digital transformation services during my time with Microsoft / Accenture. 

I’ve worked with many industry-leading companies to leverage technology & create operational efficiencies, drive more revenue, and make the necessary decisions required to meet the exact needs of their customers

Want to know more? 


Are you ready to fast-forward your progress?

Here are few ways we can work together as you become an award-winning digital transformation organization:

  • Become a Digital Transformation expert while earning CE credits
  • Let’s work 1:1 to scale your Digital Transformation practice
  • Allow me to support you in developing long-term client accounts within your own practice
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Don’t just take my word for it…




“Formalizing a plan when there are so many exceptional ideas can be daunting to say the least. It's hard to know where to begin. But with Charlotte's help we were able to jump in, redefine our problems and truly think outside the box… ultimately innovating beyond our initial ideas.” 

 Kendra Parker - Global Workplace Experience Lead - Avanade Technology



"To any business leader struggling to identify or clearly articulate their challenges in attracting and retaining talent, wanting to define root cause issues and seeking actionable short and long term improvements to optimise, innovate and grow their business - A truly empowering and brilliant consultant!" 

Marzia AvalloneVice President, Digital Transformation - Citi Bank



“Charlotte will work with you to create an environment that ensures your team is engaged in both the process & the outcome. She is skilled in  design-led Digital Transformation  engagements. I would highly recommend Charlotte as an outcome-led facilitator, engagement lead & an empathetic leader."

Amanda Young, Director, Capgemini

As you can see, I like to make a measurable impact on the teams I work with.


But it doesn’t happen overnight, and it definitely doesn’t happen alone.

Do you want to be recognised as an industry leader in delivering high-impact digital transformation projects?

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