Technically Confident Workshop

Support the women in your organisation to build more confidence, increase resilience and step into their next level of success!

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Corporate Team Workshops 

Support Your Women To Succeed!

My most popular workshop is “Technically Confident”.

A 2-hour workshop packed with positive psychology backed tools to drastically improve confidence, increase resilience and help you and your team step into the next level version of yourself at work.

We’ll tackle the limiting patterns holding you back and learn accessible ways to boost resilience and make mindset shifts for more wins.

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Build Resilience
Improve Confidence
Boost Success

By the end of this workshop your employees will feel...

Powerfully equipped to handle nerve racking and disempowering situations in the workplace

Confident to speak up in meetings, assert needs and desires and promote thier own ideas or work

Ready to take on new challenges so that they can operate at the next level of their career




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Thank you for the session yesterday at Lifecheq. Very Inspiring! 
Recent workshop participant 

Together, Let’s close the gender gap! 

Hi, I'm Charlotte! 

As an award-winning Digital Transformation Technology Strategy Consultant, Business Founder and Women in STEM Champion, i’m on a mission to empower women in tech to feel more confident so that they can thrive in the workplace and I’m determined to help organisations support female talent to succeed and lead as they achieve gender parity. 

I aim to empower women within the tech industry and encourage them to challenge any barriers that hold them back. The fact is that you will lose emerging talent from which we can all benefit, unless we change our attitude to these bright and brilliant women!

It’s my privilege to be working globally with companies who take women seriously to build diverse, inclusive, and safe environments for their female employees.

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"Technically Confident Workshop"


Support and retain the women in your organisation with a powerful 2-hour corporate workshop to build their confidence, increase resilience and improve their happiness - all while boosting their success. They’ll be better prepared to take on new challenges and will feel empowered to step into the next level of their career.


What you get

2-Hour Virtual Confidence and Empowerment Workshop

Plus + Strategy and planning session with Charlotte

(up to 60 minutes)


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"Hey Charlotte,
That was amazing, the whole team is very impressed with your knowledge on this topic. I will most definitely keep in touch! Thank you so much for making the time to share this knowledge with our community. "
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