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Learn & master digital transformation sales in only a few hours!


Digital Transformation Sales School is the most concise online education program for teaching advanced technology sales strategies- that lead to long-term, lucrative client accounts.

You will learn to sell digital transformation technology services, so that you can scale your team quickly and smash those sales targets.

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Are you ready to sell more services?

Before I tell you the details of Digital Transformation Sales School, let’s talk about who this is for.

Whether you:

Need to hit targets and feel like you’re against the clock to train & scale your sales team

Are leading a digital transformation team and ready to make a big impact in the next era of digital transformation technology consulting

Are ready to simplify and standardise your sales training process to drive more sales and get greater results from your sales team in less time

Or any combination of the above

Digital Transformation Sales School is for you.

It’s about getting results.

The Digital Transformation Sales School on-demand program will give your team the education, resources, and support you need to generate more sales and help more clients in the new era of digital transformation.


​This type of work requires an insightful, logical and forward thinking mindset which Charlotte was able to demonstrate time and time again.

She works hard to take clients on a journey educating, challenging and supporting them to navigate the complexities of transformation.

Head of Advisory UK&I - Global Technology Consulting Company

In this program, you will:

Learn best practices, actionable lessons, and exactly how to sell and deliver digital transformation services through 6 high-engagement modules

Get full access to worksheets and cheat sheets so your team can put what they’re learning into practice right away

Think critically about how you can mirror the sales successes of other digital transformation providers, through proprietary case studies

Plus, we know that the digital world is moving fast. With lifetime access, you’ll receive periodic updates as we add relevant, up-to-date information.


Allow me to introduce myself.

I’m Charlotte, and I get it.

As a strategy consultant who specialises in Digital Transformation Sales and Advisory, I’ve helped a ton of industry-leading organisations strategically adopt emerging technologies.

And, after partnering with several technology providers to deliver their digital transformation services, I see one challenge come up again and again: they’re stuck selling one time offerings rather than digital transformation services.

That’s where I come in. I help technology providers shift away from a product mindset and to a strategic, consultative-led way of thinking so that they can be competitive in the current marketplace, sell more offerings and quickly grow their sales teams.

Enter: Digital Transformation Sales School 


I will help you sell more Digital Transformation Services in the new-era of digital transformation

I used the data from my clients’ experiences to create a step-by-step method for leaders of Digital Transformation teams to train sales teams and consulting talent to scale effectively and efficiently. 

Now, I’m ready to show you how you can increase revenue, decrease your training costs, and improve your employee experience, all while creating & maintaining a revenue-generating team. 

Are you ready to master Digital Transformation Sales, and be recognised as an industry leader in delivering high-impact digital transformation technology projects?


Deep dive: What’s inside the modules?

Module 1

DT Sales Success Formula

In this module, students will:

Learn to cultivate the critical mindset traits of a successful digital transformation sales consultant. Understand the ins and outs of their responsibilities as a sales advisory consultant.

Module 2

DT Sales Foundations

In this module, students will:

Learn to assess the wants, needs and desires of your potential clients to propose digital transformation solutions that sell!

Module 3

DT Sales Blueprint 

In this module, you will:

Learn to apply the digital transformation advisory sales blueprint to pre-sell a comprehensive set of digital transformation use-cases that can be incrementally sold over time to build long-term, highly lucrative client accounts.

Module 4

DT Sales Workshops That Convert

In this module, students will:

Learn to plan and deliver design-led thinking sales workshops that create strong stakeholder buy-in and seamlessly enable ££££'s worth of sales.


Module 5

DT Sales Consulting Excellence

In this module, students will:

Learn how to stand up an advisory delivery team to seamlessly deliver trust enhancing advisory services, with the aim of solidifying further sales opportunities.

Module 6

DT Sales Enablement

In this module, you will:

Learn to craft impactful sales proposals that demonstrate tangible business value, to gain buy-in from all stakeholders to secure that all important, next phase of investment for ongoing DT initiatives.

You’ll learn through:

6 x Video Modules

 Walking you through a proven system to train, transform and make a huge impact on your clients

£1497 value

Real world case studies 

 What’s the best way to avoid costly mistakes? Learn from someone else's!

£497 value

Worksheets & Quizzes

Editable worksheets and quizzes to test your new found skills!

£597 value

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  • Access to 1 User.
  • 6 x Video Modules.
  • Real world case studies.
  • Worksheets & Quizzes.





  • Access to 5 User.
  • 6 x Video Modules.
  • Real world case studies.
  • Worksheets & Quizzes.





  • Access to 10 User.
  • 6 x Video Modules.
  • Real world case studies.
  • Worksheets & Quizzes.




"To any business leader struggling to identify or clearly articulate their challenges in attracting and retaining talent, wanting to define root cause issues and seeking actionable short and long term improvements to optimise, innovate and grow their business - A truly empowering and brilliant consultant!" 

Marzia Avallone - Vice President, Digital Transformation - Citi Bank


“Shouldn’t we hire in-person trainers?”

Short answer: Why would you?

Long answer: Why would you hire a trainer every time you have a question or new hire, at possibly 20x the cost? 

Let’s break it down:

Digital Transformation Sales School

£997 per user

Lifetime access to the content so students can learn at their own pace

Lifetime access to any lessons, content, or worksheets that are updated or added in the future

Ongoing support with our team via Slack 

Option for 1:1 upskill training for leaders

In-Person Trainer

Industry minimum of £5,000 per day of training

Pay to have trainers upskill every new team member, or do repeat trainings

Pay to have trainers come on-site again 

Not allowing students to learn at their required pace 

Limited 1:1 training options available meaning most of your busy team miss out 

This makes sense, sign me up

How do I know this is the right program for my team?


Digital Transformation Sales School is right for you if...

You're ready to build a team high-revenue generating sales professionals to take you to your next phase of growth

You're determined to stay one step ahead of the competition in a rapidly evolving industry



You're ready to reduce operating costs and unnecessary effort by simplifying training and improving your sales processes



You're ready to invest in your next level of business growth and success

You're ready to ensure every member of your sales team is operating at the same, high-quality standard


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Charlotte will work with you to create an environment that ensures your team is engaged in both the process & the outcome. She is skilled in design-led Digital Transformation engagements. I would highly recommend Charlotte as an outcome-led facilitator, engagement lead & an empathetic leader.

Amanda Young, Director, Capgemini