Build a high performing sales team AND beat revenue targets with a VIP strategy day

Let’s create a rapid, high-level strategy to help you build a diverse, high-performing technology sales team that generates more sales in just 90 days.

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Teams with diverse, supportive and energetic cultures sell more. FACT.

Diverse and inclusive companies are 60% more likely to outperform their peers.

85% of CEOs with diverse and inclusive cultures notice increased profits.

Diverse teams are 70% more likely to capture new markets.

What you need is a custom sales and team culture strategy that allows you to…

Seamlessly uplevel your team's sales capabilities so that you can make a bigger impact whilst making more revenue.

Position yourself as a partner of choice so that you can stop spending hours answering RFPs with no pay-off.

Feel excited about creating a culture to support a team of loyal, efficient and motivated employees.


Here’s the agenda for your VIP strategy day

Phase 1: Assessment

Let’s dive into your current team dynamics and assess any gaps. In phase 1, we’ll explore…


Your current sales processes and strategies.


Lessons learned from previously lost sales opportunities.


Current team, roles, responsibilities, culture and DI (diversity and inclusion) dynamics that could be holding you back from creating the impact you desire.

Phase 2: Strategy

Let’s get things straightened up. In phase 2, we’ll develop…


A strategic vision for the future of your team, to ensure you’re steering the ship in the right direction.


A prioritised step by step roadmap of activities to support you in building your high-performing advisory team.


Strategic recommendations, customised to your teams specific training needs (summarised and sent to you post-VIP day).


So that you feel 100% supported to activate your strategy, you and your team will also receive:


60 day access for your entire team to our on-demand, digital transformation pre-sales advisory training program absolutely FREE! (Usually £997 per user)


Private Slack and video support for 30 days post-VIP day for additional stategy support as you up-level your sales processes. (£5,000 value)



Everything that's included in your VIP strategy day

 VIP strategy day, assessment and step by step roadmap (£5,000 value)

  • 60 day advisory sales training access (minimum £997 value)
  • Private post-VIP day strategy support (£5,000 value)

Total Value £10,000+

Ready to dive in?


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Apply for your VIP day to ensure we're a great fit for your goals! Spots are limited to 1 VIP Day per month.


Pick Your VIP Date & Prep

Choose a date for your 5-hour VIP Day and complete your prep work including a comprehensive questionnaire to make the most of our time together.


Leave With A Plan

Show up for your VIP Day and leave with a custom strategy for you and your team to implement! We’ll be supporting you via Slack and Loom videos for 1 month post-VIP Day.


"We lost out on big RFP because our client didn't see our strengths in consulting, only delivery -We knew we needed a solution to change that perception. We recently won a strategic consulting project with the same client"

Recent client - Global Technology Provider

I’ll be your Sales Advisory Strategist for the day

Hi, I’m Charlotte!

In 2022 alone, I have positioned my clients to win hundreds of thousands of £'s worth of business for their digital transformation and technology organisations.

As a strategy consultant who specialises in Digital Transformation, I’ve helped a ton of industry-leading organisations strategically adopt emerging technologies.

After partnering with technology providers on delivering their digital transformation services, I see one challenge come up again and again: they’re stuck selling one time technology offerings rather than digital transformation services.

That’s where I come in. I help technology providers shift away from a product mindset to a strategic, consultative-led way of thinking so that they can be competitive in the current marketplace. And I do it all while helping them build the high-performing team cultures that support long-term success.

Does that sound like your organisation? The VIP strategy day was designed just for YOU.

Are you one of us?

If you’re anything like me and my current clients, you want the best of both worlds.

You want to feel as though you're continuing to grow your organisation and making a bigger impact in your niche, but you also want to build an inspirational and impactful team while you’re at it.

Chances are that you and your team are super technical geniuses, but the old relationship building and sales thing escapes you. (How annoying that this is a huge component of business success, right?)

If you’re anything like us, you started with the intention of building a fun company with an incredible culture that would let you showcase your technical talents and make a difference in the world…but suddenly, everything became about hitting financial targets, and all the fun bits got lost along the way.

Sometimes, you just need a fresh pair of eyes and a fresh perspective to help you reset and get you moving forward again.

I’m ready when you are!


Is the high-performing team VIP strategy day right for you?

The VIP day is for you if…


You’ve been in business for a while and have some ongoing client accounts and a team in place, but you want to uplevel your sales systems and are ready to invest in making a much bigger impact.


You’re ready for 1:1, high-level approach to creating your high-performing team strategy that’s aligned with your business goals.


You’re ready to go all in and take a fresh approach to driving sales in your organization.

The VIP day is not for you if…


You’ve just started out in business and haven’t yet made your first sale.


You want to DIY your way to growth without strategic 1:1 help (which is totally fine, but will likely take you much longer!).


You’re not ready to bring an open mind to new approaches and ways of working.

Apply Today For Your

1:1 VIP Strategy Day

(+ 1 month of post VIP day support) value £10,000+

£5,000 pay in full investment

(50% deposit due to secure your date)


By the end of the VIP day you’ll feel…


Equipped with a battle plan to sell more services with ease so that you can spend less time worrying about how you’ll hit targets and more time planning how you’ll spend your annual bonus.


Confident that you are taking the right steps to build a team that are happy and high-functioning.


Excited to respond to new RFPs knowing that you have what it takes to support your clients and meet their needs.

Still got questions? I’ve got answers

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