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Scale your Strategic Digital Transformation consulting team quickly and painlessly - even if you are struggling to recruit the right talent and need to staff projects right now!

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If you’re the leader of a Digital Transformation team and are ready to create waves in the next era of digital transformation


You are a key player in your company’s digital transformation initiative and are looking to train & scale your team without the headache


You’re new to digital transformation and are ready to develop so you can deliver projects that put you, your team, and your company on the map

Then you already know that you need a cohesive Digital Transformation consulting team that can quickly and effectively scale and deliver top-notch projects.

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In less than 60 minutes, you will learn how to:

Identify opportunities

Easily identify skills deficits on your current team and decide which should take priority.

Create an action plan

Emulate award-winning DT teams’ successes to make a faster, deeper impact.

Upskill & Accredit your team

Upskill your strategic DT consulting team into top-performing talent.

Learn the essential elements of strategic digital transformation consulting projects


Stop focusing on (just) HIRING!


Here’s the truth: It doesn’t matter who you hire if your team isn’t able to deliver effective Digital Transformation projects that add real value to clients AND grow your client accounts. 

In contrast, it doesn’t matter how well your existing team is educated & equipped to deliver if they don’t have the new talent to help them scale.

What people are saying about Charlotte



“Formalizing a plan when there are so many exceptional ideas can be daunting to say the least. It's hard to know where to begin. But with Charlotte's help we were able to jump in, redefine our problems and truly think outside the box… ultimately innovating beyond our initial ideas.” 

 Kendra Parker - Global Workplace Experience Lead - Avanade Technology



"To any business leader struggling to identify or clearly articulate their challenges in attracting and retaining talent, wanting to define root cause issues and seeking actionable short and long term improvements to optimise, innovate and grow their business - A truly empowering and brilliant consultant!" 

Marzia Avallone Vice President, Digital Transformation - Citi Bank



“Charlotte will work with you to create an environment that ensures your team is engaged in both the process & the outcome. She is skilled in  design-led Digital Transformation  engagements. I would highly recommend Charlotte as an outcome-led facilitator, engagement lead & an empathetic leader."

Amanda Young, Director, Capgemini


So, where’s the balance?


When you complete the Digital Transformation Advisor Fundamentals webinar, you will not only understand the balance between hiring & upskilling your team, you will also:

Learn how to position yourself as a leader & authority in DT consulting

Understand how to best compete for graduate talent & attract the best candidates for your DT team with ease

Be able to confidently provide an optimal learning environment for your growing team

AND position your teams as authorities in the DT space, ultimately earning internal trust & external recognition - ultimately making your consulting talent more valuable throughout your organisation

Hi, I’m Charlotte!


I understand you. 

As a strategy consultant who specialises in Digital Transformation, I’ve helped dozens of manufacturing, industrial and other industry-leading organizations strategically adopt emerging technologies.

After working with these technology providers on delivering their digital transformation services, I see one challenge come up again and again: they’re stuck selling products rather than digital transformation services.

That’s where I come in. I help technology providers shift away from a product mindset and to a strategic, consultative-led way of thinking so that they can be competitive in the current marketplace.

Are you ready to take the first step in building a high-performing digital transformation consulting team?