Ep 00 - Welcome To Technically Confident

Welcome to the first episode of the Technically Confident Podcast with me, your host, Charlotte Fuller. I am a Confidence and Mindset Coach who specialises in helping ambitious women in tech become the best versions of themselves.

Tech is typically very male-dominated, so as a woman, it can be a tough environment to work in. Having experienced the struggles first-hand, I realised there had to be a better way. Throughout my career, I have developed the skills and techniques that have empowered my clients - gaining control of their mindset and confidently holding themselves in the tech world.

And now, it's time to share this specific skill set with you!

My mission is to keep as many women in tech as possible. So together, let's change your mindset, conquer your fears and get you everything you deserve.


In this episode: 

  • My story - How I'm using my experiences to empower women in tech, and help organisations attract and retain more women
  • Why improving confidence and mindset will help you overcome your limitations to reach your goals
  • How we are going to help you reach your highest potential so you can live your happiest, most fulfilled life
  • Exploring the challenges women face in the tech world and how to overcome them



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