Ep 01 - How to Create Unshakable Confidence as a Woman in Tech

In this episode of the Technically Confident Podcast, I am sharing my top tips on how to build unshakable confidence as a woman in tech.

Confidence is wonderful and the beauty is that it looks different for all of us. Its power accelerates us in all areas of our lives, allowing us to achieve success, and really create the life we want. 

My tips for creating unshakable confidence will help you to feel brave, empowered and ready to take on any situation life throws at you.


In this episode:

  • Why bravery is a vital part of your journey to being confident
  • How to transform your beliefs from limiting to empowering so that they support and serve you
  • Why affirmations are the key to helping you believe in yourself
  • The quickfire confidence booster that'll have you ready to handle any situation at a moment's notice 
  • How to rapidly build your confidence by drawing on your inner boss persona



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