Ep 02 - Build Boss Babe Boundaries to Thrive in Your Tech Career

In this episode of the Technically Confident Podcast, I'll be discussing how to build boss babe boundaries to thrive in your career.

Healthy boundaries in the workplace enable you to feel safe and empowered whilst protecting your energy, mental health, and overall well-being. So what can you do when you start to feel like your boundaries aren't being respected?

Putting yourself first is the key to ensuring that you create and stick to your boundaries. By following the steps I share with you today, you'll be able to regain your time, protect your energy and show up as the best version of yourself.


In this episode:

  • How to identify when you need to set a boundary
  • Why knowing yourself and being in tune with your emotions will enable you to set healthy boundaries
  • Different methods for successfully implementing and maintaining strong boundaries in any situation
  • Rewriting the people-pleaser narrative
  • The impacts of not implementing boundaries at work



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