Ep 05 - Is How You Feel About Your Body Affecting Your Career Success? With Lizi Jackson-Barrett

In this episode of the Technically Confident podcast, I am joined by Lizi Jackson-Barrett, a Confidence Strategist, coach, bestselling author and multiple TEDx speaker.

Lizi is a PGDip-qualified coach who draws on her 25 years of teaching experience to empower others in building their self-belief and gain the confidence they need to achieve their full, extraordinary potential in business and beyond. 

She is regularly featured in prominent UK media such as the BBC, has published a bestselling body confidence book named How to Feel Beautiful, and often appears on real and virtual stages - including TEDx. As well as giving talks on a range of confidence-related topics, Lizi speaks candidly about her experience of losing her hair to alopecia; and how this became the catalyst for her own confidence growth, which in turn inspired the work she does now.

Today, Lizi and I will be discussing the impact of body confidence on our overall confidence as women. If, like many, you believe that your appearance determines your worth, imagine what you could achieve by focusing your energy on loving yourself more instead. 

Lizi will explain how you can utilise confidence as a strategic tool that will enable you to fast-track yourself towards your goals. Whether you want to grow your business or breeze through your next promotion, it’s time to get what you deserve!


In this episode: 

  • The power of positive self-talk
  • Why you should always be authentically you
  • Top tips to boost your confidence in the moment
  • The benefits for organisations that truly invest in confidence building
  • How to reduce discomfort when you’re expanding beyond your comfort zone



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