Ep 07 - What Is ‘BDE’ and Is A Lack Of It Sabotaging Your Success?

Season #1

In this episode of the Technically Confident podcast, I’ll be talking about BDE, what it is, and whether a lack of it is sabotaging your success.

Imagine being able to go through life being kind and compassionate but having boundaries so strong that people automatically know not to mess with you. Or what about having confidence that’s so powerful you know you can handle any situation at any time. This is Big D*** Energy (BDE). 

It’s time to start thinking and behaving like the next-level version of yourself. Whatever situation you’re struggling with right now, BDE will get you exactly what you want and what you deserve. 


In this episode: 

  • What BDE is and why you need it in your life
  • Why taking responsibility for yourself is such a powerful thing to do
  • How cultivating a new belief system will move you into your next level
  • The importance of clearing space in your life to make way for new things 
  • Why you should always be stretching yourself to reach a higher level 



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