Ep 15 - So, Are You Going To Give Up Or Not?

Season #2

In this episode of the Technically Confident podcast, I will be sharing one of my favourite tips to motivate you when things get tough. 

If you’re trying to achieve something, and it’s not quite going your way, ask yourself: Are you going to give up or not? I bet the answer was obvious, wasn’t it? Life isn’t always easy, and things don’t always go to plan, but it’s up to you to decide whether you’re here to stay when things get tough. 

When you realise that you only have two options and choose not to give up, you'll become unstoppable. You’ll find the strength and the willpower you need to overcome anything that stands between you and your dreams.


In this episode:

  • The benefits of being intuition led
  • Why it’s essential to challenge yourself 
  • How facing adversity will help you grow
  • The power of being able to make difficult choices
  • Why building resilience will make you more successful



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