Ep 16 - Feel Good About Money As A Woman In Tech, With Laura Ann Moore

Season #2

In this episode of the Technically Confident podcast, I am joined by my good friend and Money Mindset Coach, Laura Ann Moore. 

Laura is a Money Mindset Expert, Certified Financial Coach, and Financial Well-being speaker, teaching people about finances in a fun, jargon-free, judgement-free way. 

She was nominated by the British Bank Awards for Online Financial Influencer Of The Year 2022 and 2023 and has been featured on popular radio and TV stations, including BBC News. After successfully saving £40,000 by the age of 27, she opened up online and is now on a mission to help people feel good about money, get financially confident, and build wealth.  

Whether you’re running a business or striving for that next promotion, as an ambitious woman in tech, money is important to you. Today Laura and I are discussing how your life experiences have shaped your money story, the impact of that on your ability to make and manage money successfully, and what you can do to improve it. 

Developing a good relationship with money begins with awareness and knowing how it makes you feel. Once you understand this and start growing your positive money mindset, nothing will stand between you and the wealth and abundance you deserve. 


 In this episode:

  • Why a positive money mindset is a must
  • The benefits of understanding your money story
  • How your perception of money shapes your reality
  • The link between your self-worth and your finances
  • How to re-frame your negative money beliefs to attract more wealth



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